Friday, January 6, 2012

I have been toying with the idea of sharing the life and days of a single mother and this year 2012 seems just the right time to do it... I have seen a lot in my 10.5years of being a mother and I believe this is just the right time to put everything together and share it out to not only encourage all of you out there who are not just single mothers, but single parents trying to give their children a decent lifestyle, everyday by sacrificing your time and working hard so that they can have a good life.

Being a single mother is not to me by choice, am not regreting it either since I have learnt with time to overcome the shame that society tags with being a single mother. In fact I am proud to be the mother of my 10.5year old son since I know that there aremany other who wish to have the same but have not. I would have wished to have a father for my son, but as it is, they can only talk once in a while. Being a single and working mum means that at times you may be forced to miss not only some of the precious moments that one can spend with your child/ren, since you have to ensure that you must work to enable them have a good life. At times I sit down and ask myself if it is really worth it to be away from home for at times 4 weeks, with little and limited phone conversation with my son and I wonder how he is feeling being away from me.

My job is not that friendly, it not only makes me unavailable when I am within but keeps me without most of the times....working and being a parent is not easy at times I am forced to advice young people to ensure they have time for their children and if they are going to be a globe trotting couple, then its better not to have their children then :). I try my best to be home for most of the special occasions and when I cant make it home, I have to make advance an apology and prepare him psychologically that I may or may not be available for that special occasions. The best thing with my job is that I get to travel therefore when he is on holiday and I have loval travel, he gets to tag along with me. Boring for a 10yr old as under normal circumstances he should be out playing in a football field...but yeah sometimes I am forced to.

A single and working parent is not the easiest to date, at times she has to choose between her job, child and the person s/he is dating, at times compromising too much and looking like they do not care a lot but hey, that is life, and the sad reality. If you asked me to choose between a man am dating and my sure you would know the answer right? But it doesnt mean that single parent cannot date, they can, there are many limitations and some are just those you can avoid.

Well today I was just going through a general view of a life in a diary of a single mother...and/ or write up will be on specific areas that one undergoes as a single mother focus will not be on the male gender but specifically on the female gender...looking forward to your reads and comments, feel free to ask questions :)