Sunday, November 17, 2013

New beginnings???

Well, life is interesting, even in all the hullabaloo of trying to discover things, you fall and stumble getting up in a whole different and totally different environment from your expectations. In short when you think that you have finally landed, you find that the landing ground was somewhat marshy and a swamp that could have drowned you, but learning to wad yourself, holding your breathe and struggling out of the somewhat paddy field of swampy water sometimes quick sandy, makes one emerge out stronger and with a clearer direction of what they seek to achieve and live. Missing in action, means action is happening....I finally finished my year one course work, am feeling achieved and refreshed with things happening extremely fast, not being planned, just happening. Exams out, project in! Phase two will be handled with a more relaxed and open mind. At least not much reading but applications which I have learnt so am not really worried. Anyway, that is that about my life has been somewhat interesting..... I have always been one impatient person, okay, at least from what I have been told by a few people including my very own mother and especially son...who at times reminds me of myself when I was younger. Just the other day we were having a conversation before he started his exams on how he needs to go through his paper with care and slow pace! I remembered how I used to finish my exams such that by the time the teacher finished handing us examinations papers, I was already their chagrin, all my answers always were right, okay perhaps 98% correct...if I took my time I would get 100% Okay, patience it a virtue am still praying to gain, slowly but surely I have been gaining it of late, only of late, lets say the past almost eight months or so...I have held it, and still putting it well within my grip. This time round, I do not want it to slip whatsoever, because, I have been taught, by one person, to be patient. Apart from my impatient nature, anger doubled it up!Impatient people are somewhat always angry people...I guess, from a personal experience...but well I am handling both very well nowadays. I guess when one grows and learns to trust at least those around them, the impatient nature sublimes and so does the anger. I am not conclusively stating that most impatient people are angry people, but one triggers the other, example, you meet me later than the agreed time, you will either find me gone or vexed up....BINGO...that is anger! Anyway, let me just say, with every human being, there comes a time in their lives,when the good Lord brings someone extra special who is able to just listen to them, understand them, hold them and hear them out while they least expect it! Especially those that you never have imagines or looked at! When they take time with them, they learn the patient and beauty of life, learn to control their anger and laugh a little bit more! They say you at times need to love and not be loved, be loved and not love back and love and be loved back to understand the true meaning of love and what it really feels and the lengths one can go to make things work ( not a one sided sacrifice), if true or just a passing cloud. I have thought about it for a while and I guess it time to give one a chance, love a try, one more time...hearts are to be broken or be forever taken care of...I guess this time it will be taken care of. I met my match and I think I have finally...hopefully, this will be the last match I have to meet!!!