Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Characters identified...

So I finally took the personality test just to figure out where some of my unbecoming behavior comes from! Well I had done something close to it about 5 years ago but clearly I never took it seriously! So last time I checked I needed to be given a little push to make things work...this time, totally the opposite! I must say perhaps I must have been naive 5 years ago, not knowing what to say especially if someone pissed me off...again, my close friends would differ on that specific character...knowing me, they could have sworn I lied in the first test and that the second was more realistic. They could be right as I was known to be the most outspoken in my clique, not only being so blunt with my words but caring the least about how it affected those who got my wrath at times...you can ask a few students leaders, one who in his drunken state tried knocking our door while we were still freshers in Campus. Up to now, I think he shivers my just the thought of talking to me as he has to ensure his words are well scripted and sieved before opening his mouth. Anyway, that aside, its about the personality test...so I discovered some very peculiar habits that I have been carrying since my birth and at least now I can blame it on something if not someone :-) Okay am not supposed to be smiling.

Its encouraging when I see some of the happenings in my life and understand why they are so and at times trying to control what I feel and what I would have done. I am amazed at how much I have grown, from the short tempered person to a more calm and collected. It may come because of age and maturity but no,I understand myself more and more each day. And I understand the people around me more, how they react and handle things. Unless, am pushed me too much to the wall or place me between a hard rock and a stone? I hope I will be able to understand my son when he comes home and leaves his socks and shoes at the door or even the man am seeing...jeez this is a hard one! I hope I have the strength to also learn how to let go of this one!!! I need lots of strength for this one! Its encouraging, so I ask all you to take one today and appreciate yourself even more :-)