Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today I had very interesting encounters that have really made my day. One which I would call a well thought conversation with one of close friends. He had very intelligent ideas as to how the weather patterns have subsequently changed from the regular to irregular patterns to what scientists are calling global warming. I call them intelligent because they got me thinking of it as a possibility of what could be happening to our sudden change of weather patterns. Well, to him its an abnormal behaviour of the weather which is caused by some of the way human being are behaving, let baptise them anthropological behaviour for now. By the way, that title may as well be as permanent since his explanation will get your mind thinking as well.

Long time ago our forefathers had a very simple lifestyle, where women knew their roles and men were so much more responsible. I am not going to tell you how we have such unequal distribution of work or roles to the extent that I want women to be equal to men. Let’s face it, women will never be equal with men…ask me how; I will tell you that in a different forum. Back to the point, now let’s psycho-analyse the era then and now…..well am not criticizing anything trending in fashion right now but let’s try and trace back where the rains started beating us. Women dressed decently and while our parents never saw the era of men trending the sagging style and wearing Mohawks and women wearing unfinished dresses, we are seeing a lot of these in our generation. This generation Y…please note that am from generation X. Apart from the fact that some traditional cultural practises and taboos, it was a curse for a women to reveal anything that was termed as Holy to her surrounding and especially during the day. Take for example, in Europe where the climate….global warming began being noticed….look at the trends…except in the really cold winters…everything is left for nature to evaluate….and that is the reason why you will find that it has been taken normal to not fully dress up while leaving the house and entering a public domain.

Now spin the bottle and set foot in Africa….evaluation is being done for areas where no rain or even signs of rain appear….like where we have recently found oil, the coastline and especially there. You will find that these are areas which are like the Summer holidays in Europe…and don’t take me wrong but let’s assume the weather takes note and automatically notes the sudden changes of dress codes….if the sun sees and notes that human beings are enjoying basking in its glory and that we curse the rain every time its blesses us…is it supposed to hide its face behind the clouds, or smile even more and scorch some of us?

Well, in some Kenyan cultures as mentioned, revealing some of the parts of human body was and is still a taboo, it was a curse…am not sure for what exactly, but in my friends case, it is a curse to the environment and the weather to be precise such that its keeping the rain away.

Now I made two promises to him:
• To try and get opinions from the rest of the team
• To try and get the female species especially to completely dress up and stop scaring the rain away

The above EXCEPT the two promises were not my words, I was just trying to put myself in my friends shoes….but honestly, I cannot make head or tail of his conversation but come to think of it…it might just be true…your views?