Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Diary of a Single Mother: Twisted minds.....

Diary of a Single Mother: Twisted minds.....: This was to be published last year...it might have been one of those days! Well ave been off for quite a while now as I have had a crazy tra...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Diary of a Single Mother: Will I ever?

Diary of a Single Mother: Will I ever?: Today am down low,I have never sat in front of a computer and done nothing....not even Facebook jazzes me today! I am drained, and awaiting ...

Will I ever?

Today am down low,I have never sat in front of a computer and done nothing....not even Facebook jazzes me today! I am drained, and awaiting a conference call that would otherwise last an hour! I need strength to see myself through the next one and a half hours! Yes its 1530 hours, we check out of office at 1700 hours! How can a minute be that long? It actually feels like an hour! Either I am so drained or something is not right today. I will choose to go with the so drained bit since I know everything is right! Maybe not 100% but its alright. Now, I am contemplating skiving the office! Ok skiving is not when you start packing your bags and leave office when everyone know youre leaving, skiving is skiving, just that! Today I thought and did, I thought of leaving the office, keeping in mind I will be home in time for the hour long conference call...I am still waiting for it, that is why I am idle enough to even type something up!Can you imagine, I am even signing in my email to just check if the caller cancelled or decided otherwise! Yaani, either am too naive or I think that all people are kind enough to request for a reschedule in good time!

Well that aside, I thought of skiving, and when I was thinking, I actually got myself shutting down my laptop, packing my bags and standing up to leave! I cant believe I did that. But honestly, its high time offices gave staff a time out! I can easily work and deliver from home. Maybe not always but well, at least 50% of the time when am not in the least bit required in the office but for my presence! Now when I grow up, and I am my own boss, I will have flexi hours in my company, I will not force staff to come to the office, just for show, and stare at their computers or laptop like I did today! I can tell you for sure, my head was tired, not just my head, but mind! Fatigue of the mind is worse than that of the body, because what it does, you just shut down, you cant eat, you cant talk, you cant listen, you cant concentrate, in short you're a dodo! Yes I said a dodo....a dodo...its significance according to Wikipedia is that one of the best-known extinct animals and its singular appearance led to its use in literature and popular culture as a symbol of an outdated concept or object, as in the expression "dead as a dodo," which has come to mean unquestionably dead or obsolete. Similarly, the phrase "to go the way of the dodo" means to become extinct or obsolete, to fall out of common usage or practice, or to become a thing of the past! I will stick to the first description.

In short, I have a brief message, when your staff are tired, let them go home and be obsolete there not in your office. When someone can even Facebook, give them leave and I mean like make them go on holiday or something...all in all, I close my year tomorrow and I cant wait to go home....and trust me its for holiday, I have no holiday because other deadlines await me! All in all, I will be away from my office and for the first time in six years, I will have an auto-respond message stating that I will be away. I honestly have never had one of those, so am still excited, tired but excited. Apparently am not even sure if the call was cancelled, postponed or ? And one other thing, I will add courtesy to my office...communication has to be well done! Let me rest for a while....a while could be 2-4 hours then awake for other deadlines...for now please stay constructive...if things a thick at the office and you cant think, talk a walk! I did not just say that!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This Christmas

Last time I checked I was too busy to even finish my blog...not today, I have all the time, stolen time, yes I decided its time for me to spruce up myself and steal time where I can to at least do what I love doing!

The holidays are here, I am not complaining, this year the big boss has been kind enough to allow us take some two weeks off! Truly deserved, and I needed it, I will surely utilize it and fully will. I cant wait for the holiday to start, I already switched to this mood two weeks ago...but again, being with my family is even more important...only sad thing is that I will be going one direction while he will be going another, but I know one day we will all be going the same direction to celebrate as a family!I have learnt in the past few months that you may not get all the time you need to rest but you can always make time to do stuff, even if its for a few minutes.....or seconds...and for these I thank God for giving me friends who understand me and at all times have been supportive. I will not mention my family since they have had to put up with much more than I have ever imagine during the whole of this year from changing circumcision dates for my son to changing dates of his grown up bash!

Now onto that, I am a totally proud mother, on the 24th of December, 2014, my son will be a totally grown man, the initiation ceremony will have been completed with his manhood bash that am sure he cant wait to have. He has been calling almost all the time to ask when I will be home so that I he can shave his hair. Tradition has it that he may not shave his hair until he is done with the ceremony....well am not sure why...and the more the reason I will continue with this practice! I understand its to shave away his childhood and welcome him to his manhood...well that is what I have been told and it will stick that way.Although sometimes I still question it! Anyway, I cant wait for him to be out, to finally stand on his two feet. I have seen him grow, when he could just fit right on my laps to the time when he knew he was being moved beds and could wake up immediately I put him in his court, to his first walk and continuous running, didn't he run! He always had a permanent mark on his forehead and we called it 'The torch' since it was right on his forehead. It only healed after he learnt not to run! Sometimes I feel, he used to run since when he was younger he could be told to sit in one location to avoid getting dirty! Why did we even give him that theory in the first place? When he learnt to walk he quickly ran, and when ran he ran and he loved it so much when we could chase after him! It was so hectic that I had to device a method of feeding him, by placing him somewhere where he could not run, otherwise we could all run trying to feed him! My son, he is all grown up now, he can do so much for himself. I feel proud that he can actually go to school on his own! Next year he sits his Primary school certificate exams...soon he will do his O Levels...and then graduate college! I cant wait for all the above to happen. 13 years feels like yesterday since I can still feel him laying on my laps, while I breast fed him! A tiny tot! Now a big boy...no a man!

The tough times, I have had for this year, the fun times, cry baby moments and the growth experienced, I thank God for it! For the family, friends, close friends, my partner in crime, you know yourself, and relatives, I thank God for all of you. Being the people in my circle is not one of the easiest thing but you have helped me through out the year and I celebrate all of you!

To all the single parents out there, single parenting is tough, when you make choices you stick by them and sticking by them is one of the toughest thing to do! It takes strength to make these, but with God all is possible! Keep up the faith.

Holidays, holidays, happy holidays...keeping slim and fit for 2015! Happy holidays people!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Diary of a Single Mother: I appreciate the men in my life...they have built ...

Diary of a Single Mother: I appreciate the men in my life...they have built ...: Tired as I may be coz my eyes can show, I am not regretting every bit and the level I have reached. Single is just a word....a word that can...

I appreciate the men in my life...they have built me

Tired as I may be coz my eyes can show, I am not regretting every bit and the level I have reached. Single is just a word....a word that can be changed sooner or later, my life has been interesting of late. I disappeared for a while, but hold on for a good reason. Told you about my class work, I finally collected my data and honestly, I will disappear again since I still have analysis, presentation and thesis writing. And that is where reading and learning new stuff has made me reach, the point of no return! No return because I am not looking back! I have a good and will achieve it, I have a wall hanging that reminds me of that...Deliberation is the work of many men, an action of one alone, a hanging given to me while in high school ( dont be shocked) yes high school for being a morale booster. I love it, that is me, the happy girl, most of the times shy but loving it all the same.

Anyway all the above was a digression, as usual, what did you expect, I am a woman, I multitask not just in my head but even in my writing...lol...something that I am already doing. Anyway, I thank God for my tired eyes because, without them I would not have something to remind me of the long nights I am having of late and those that may be on their way and the fruits that I will be harvesting soon. Now back to business, as I said I am loving every bit of it. I let my guard down for a little bit and see what it got me. A gentleman. I had in my previous writings indicated there is one, who I may just date well, I have a wonderful man, actually 7 wonderful men in my life, the first one is always beside me to remind me of my goals and what I need to do sometimes. He is my balance, keeping me on track...the right track, taught me a lot the past few months that I have had time to learn and grow with him. The second, my son, my precious, who by the way underwent the cut this August, yes I have officially a man in the house, who is the reason why I am and will be, the fourth my dad, who will always call to ask me what I am having for supper, sounds funny, but well he is my old man and that gives me strength to move on. There are two other, my brothers, always supportive, throwing words at me sometimes, not to spite me but to make me a better person and they sure have. The final one is bigger than them all, the above person that is never seen, heard but felt in His own mysterious ways and guides all of us, engulfing us and giving us directions, guidance and protection.

I appreciate all of you and pray that you are given strength to make me an even better person than I am today...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Characters identified...

So I finally took the personality test just to figure out where some of my unbecoming behavior comes from! Well I had done something close to it about 5 years ago but clearly I never took it seriously! So last time I checked I needed to be given a little push to make things work...this time, totally the opposite! I must say perhaps I must have been naive 5 years ago, not knowing what to say especially if someone pissed me off...again, my close friends would differ on that specific character...knowing me, they could have sworn I lied in the first test and that the second was more realistic. They could be right as I was known to be the most outspoken in my clique, not only being so blunt with my words but caring the least about how it affected those who got my wrath at times...you can ask a few students leaders, one who in his drunken state tried knocking our door while we were still freshers in Campus. Up to now, I think he shivers my just the thought of talking to me as he has to ensure his words are well scripted and sieved before opening his mouth. Anyway, that aside, its about the personality test...so I discovered some very peculiar habits that I have been carrying since my birth and at least now I can blame it on something if not someone :-) Okay am not supposed to be smiling.

Its encouraging when I see some of the happenings in my life and understand why they are so and at times trying to control what I feel and what I would have done. I am amazed at how much I have grown, from the short tempered person to a more calm and collected. It may come because of age and maturity but no,I understand myself more and more each day. And I understand the people around me more, how they react and handle things. Unless, am pushed me too much to the wall or place me between a hard rock and a stone? I hope I will be able to understand my son when he comes home and leaves his socks and shoes at the door or even the man am seeing...jeez this is a hard one! I hope I have the strength to also learn how to let go of this one!!! I need lots of strength for this one! Its encouraging, so I ask all you to take one today and appreciate yourself even more :-)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Diary of a Single Mother: 25 Things about me.....

Diary of a Single Mother: 25 Things about me.....: 01. I am naughty...when i want to be. 02. I am fiercely loyal. kind of strict and dependable and will never mention it 03. I am usually list...

25 Things about me.....

01. I am naughty...when i want to be. 02. I am fiercely loyal. kind of strict and dependable and will never mention it 03. I am usually listening to a tune in my head, if i burst out dancing don't look at me funny, its in my head. 04. I have a goal in life and will always follow some rules I have set for myself to achieve it though at times I may add and try out a little bit of this and that to achieve the same goal 05. I am never laugh but when I do it must be to a very funny joke though at times I may take long to get it so you need to explain it to me (lol). 06. When i am 'experiencing life's challenges' I tend to talk a lot, please lend me your ear when am having my outbursts 07. My first love is plants. I get that from my mother, who is my mentor. I can talk and look at plants for hours on end, excuse me if you are bored ( which in most circumstances you do). 08. I care about your feelings, i do, if they are affecting my mood. If not, find a bridge, walk to the middle of it, get on the railing, now JUMP. 09. I WANT A HOUSE IN THIS LIFETIME! though as it is now its a commitment I will save for later, say next 4 years. 10. I love kids, my kids, our kids, their kids.... they get to go home with me, us or them. 11. I can enjoy myself without being under the influence, if i turn down a drink, its not you, its me. Or it could be you. 12. I am the friend who will get you drunk and make you do the dumbest things, again its not malicious, memories are made of this refer to Number 1.. 13. I love hiking. I live for them. Ideally , unplanned hikes, just spot a nice hiking place and we are on! 14. I have been never been known to own a teddy bear ok am lying, I had several in college but I trashed them when I realized I was all grown up and its my son who needed them more than I did..so I handed them down...it taught me one lesson, its hard to let go ( which I did) 15. The quickest way to my bad side is messing with my sleep. DONT mess with my sleep ( This is a warning!!). 16. When i am quiet, i am not mad, i am either sleepy or thinking. Keep asking me to cheer up, and i will be mad ( It sucks!!). 17. I don't curse I must be really agitated, keep off!. 18. I play dumb a lot, gets me out of a lot of shit. 19. I am a critic and a good one for that matter, call me up when you need some positive blunt criticism! 20. I love mind games, as long as we are on the same page and its your mind, not mine (hahahahaaha). 21. I have selective tolerance levels, for everyone. And I do appreacite that everyone is different and that has put in lots of trouble because I have a whole lot of my diverse friends. 22. It takes me a short while to learn my lesson, make sure you are not that lesson or you are its a good one 23. I always land on my feet, i am a member of the fantastic four and i don't think there is anything we cannot do. 24. When cornered, i will tell you anything and everything to get you out of my hair and i will avoid confrontation at all times and walk out if I sense there is going to be any, including but not limited to moving and going under ground ( The last has always worked well for me). 25. I try to live by the forgive all wrong and repay all right twofold mantra. I have not mastered it and i comfort myself by believing forgiving and forgetting are two different things. So I choose the forget most of the time and it always works for me!