Sunday, March 18, 2012

Diary of a Single Mother: Some character traits unexplained?

Diary of a Single Mother: Some character traits unexplained?: As you drive around Nairobi, there are a lot of things you can chose to site see, not that you would like to but at times the traffic is jus...

Some character traits unexplained?

As you drive around Nairobi, there are a lot of things you can chose to site see, not that you would like to but at times the traffic is just too much and keep yourself busy, you could either be updating your Facebook Status of how frustrated you are because you have been moving a distance of 5cm per half hour or how a certain crazy Matatu has decided to pull a double overlapping stunt! Double because at that particular time, they would be already overlapping and this particular one would just be adding to chaotic nature of the so called normal traffic hours.Or at times, this would be the best time to tune into your favorite station so as to listen to busted or at times even be tempted to call in and pause as the lady or guy being played by your spouse so as to generate a discussion. That is just how crazy traffic can generate and create innovative people.

Personally, I always choose to do one very interesting thing, look around me.....and trust me, there ae a lot of interesting things I get to see! Some interesting some very sad...some a pity to look at, really a true pity. Ideally, I should be using Thika road when heading to the Ruaraka office but at times one would like to just cut traffic by using the joining estate roads and this is where the trouble or entertainment begins. Take for example the section between Pangani's Juja road and the Outering Junction...this is one section that passes through 3 sets of lifestyle, the extremely rich to the extremely poor in a spun of 5 mins when the road is clear and 2 hours when there is a bad traffic. Of interest was this lady, who had a little baby tied to her back. When I first looked in her direction she looked like a drunk mama, trying to carry her child and I immediately though to myself, how a mother could carry her child around while going to her drinking sprees. In my head, I imagined all sorts of bad things about her...while she walked towards my direction, I realised that I had not only judged her wrongly but she was actually from the special talented group of people. Automatically, my heart melted with pity, thinking of how in her condition she still carried her child around, a child of breastfeeding age and she confidently did it. It is amazing how motherly love and instincts are the same for everyone, whether specially talented, a street child, you or I. It made me think twice at how many opportunities we miss out as parents by not being there for our children.

I have witnessed another of the same group being hit by a matatu,those who want to just drive and not even give way to students just around St. Teresa's girls...and they never burt an eyelid when they do these, a great shame in deed! I have learnt to look around me, since one never knows and the comparison you get when you drive aroung Nairobi. Each area has a juxaposition of its own, set in the same environment and using the same resource only perhaps others would have exploited it e.g tapping of electricity for the simple reason that they cannot afford it hence have to get it anyway. Life teaches you a few things when you look around you. It is not necessariry that one has to be taken to a classroom to be able to learn what is going on around us, but by seeing, we learn and by learning we gain experience and wisdom and by these we appreciate each other and learn to live and accomodate one another.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I have also watched the Naivasha baboons opening up those yoghurt packets and actually drinking the remnants or using their fingers to lick out the remnants in the pack! They behave like human being sometimes I tend to believe the scientists who decided that man evolved from

I have seen Zebra crossing the highway, and now I understand why the pedestrarian crossing points are called Zebra crossing. These are some of the brighest animals I have seen.It is on a rare occasion that you will get a Zebra has been hit by a vehicle? Reason: In a pack, they always have a leader, the leader will always head to the road and stand close to it but far enough to avoid being hit...the rest of the pack will join her/ him and will not cross until s/he signals them to do sO. If there are any on coming vehicles, the leader Zebra will block its pack from cross by moving up and down where there have stopped to cross the road...

My advice....lets learn from our environment, we learn by looking...God gave us a pair of eyes and ears so that we can see and listen twice at any one time :-)

Any comments? Post them here... I will glad if you shared your experiences too..

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The only way I can keep tabs with the rest of the world right now is through my Airtel number, yes Airtel now I think its Bhati airtel, but as it I feel like I want to sue them. It all started last week, the network went haywire, neither have they explained to us, their customers, what happened, nor even taken the initiative to try and apologize even if its in those 10cm by 2.5cm piece of advert at the back page of the Newspaper unless am worng, someone kindly update.

I am one very frustrated mother right now, I cant even communicate to my son!! Reason, the Airtel number am using to roam right now has been on and off for the past say four days since I landed in this part of Africa...and by the way, its a one network country. So, what am I supposed to do? Okay I had to purchase a local number which I am currently using and neither is it cheap for me to call or even my family to call me on!! Airtel, what is happening to you? Is this speculation for another potential change of ownership? Just asking? I have noted its a trend when you're about to experience a change ownership!!!

Out of the same frustration I am now about to explore other potential roaming networks...perhaps a move to Orange, yes Orange since I have noted I can now receive texts so am assuming even I can...problem is, I am not sure which top up card to use to update my account so as to be able to receive better services...Right now I am one frustrated mother on this International Women's day....

Please do not advice me to move to Safaricom...these guys, charge a fortune not only to receive but to make calls....and as much as I am not from the saving dime protogeny...Ill just not agree to be exploited!!

Airtel, Bhati Airtel!!!! Why oh why!!!!!You were one of my best networks....what is happening??

Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting my act together.....

The past few weeks have seen me toss and turn at night, over the issues I had raised last on me moving on. For one at least I have managed to get a few skeletons out of my closet...literally. First thing fast...I managed to delete some numbers out of my phone books and de-friend some Facebook friends...reason you may ask? I noticed they were a number of people who have this negative energy on me, trying to drag me down, even when they didnt know yet they did just by me flipping through my phone and seeing their number. Others, especially on FB, were those that are always posting about what they are not, putting me in that questioning mode of what hypocrisy people live in, lives that they dont have or lives that they are trying and struggling so hard to have.

Secondly, I blocked some few characters who were not adding value to my life by calling me every other day...I am the type that will receive your call but hey, the silence and me hearing you doesnt mean am listening, does it? Well I just realized that I cannot keep hearing the same noise every day??? I just had to block them...and trust me it helped. I thank God for giving a human being the brain to have made phones that can block numbers. It really does help.

Anyway, that has been me for the past few weeks and I feel rejuvinated..really I do..or perhaps I am trying to convince myself that I

You know the best thing about the few things that I did, at the end of the day, I felt a really new person and ready to move a next new level...and I hope I keep that way...I promised myself to never be a sucker for some things...was it my new year's resolution? Hmmmm.....let me wait and see how it turns out...