Thursday, May 21, 2015


We do different things for a different course, sometimes we do it wrong, sometimes its fifty-fifty, and sometimes when there is a success story you actually see success! Seeing success take time in anything that anyone does and for most of us, giving up is a word we have lived with! I must say most of us give up easily at almost the break through moment point! Have to ever driven a car on top of a hill, a hill that you have never ever known before or heard about? That which you just find along your path? What goes through your head? If you are like me, your driving pace will slow down, simply because,you are not sure what is on the other side of the hill. At times some may turn back and try alternative routes...and if its the only route then perhaps others may never even wait to see what is behind the hill. When faced with such situation, my life choices always end up in the slow down mode! Mostly, the alert mode but keep on going on. I maybe among the 5% curious people who always want to know what is behind the hill and what it takes to get up that hill. The beauty of it is that once you are on top, going down is up to you! You can choose to remain up there and enjoy the beauty and view from on top, or roll down or put a free gear and just find yourself at the bottom! What am I trying to may be difficult and unsure and quite of a challenge to g
row any business that you find yourself in, but at the end of the day it is equally easy to loose what you have achieved in such a long and hard strife to grow and better yourself.

About 11 months ago, a friend of mine shared something with me, something that practically has made me think that perhaps life is not all about 8am to 5 pm every weekday, that it takes a strong person and determination to change your life, that fun is what you need when things are not working as it refreshes you and you are fulfilled enough to even achieve your freedom in life!That one needed about 7 main income streams to be able to be successful. It made me think of my parents, how they had to struggle to get the five of us a good education, we basically never lacked a thing. I did not know about their meager earnings until I was applying for my higher education loan! What am I trying to say, the lifestyle of most of us is get a good education land a good job that can afford you good loans for you to get a car and house and end us paying for it for over 10 years. How do the rich operate? They work hard, building their empires, look at most big companies, they have the business running, they create their own bank ( another business) to provide them with loans as well as keep their business money safe and if not enough, they have schools and hospitals where their children will go to and train to be doctors or businessmen and women so that in the end they can run their businesses. After my friend shared this information with me, I made a choice in life, to be more bold in my investments, to give a more listening ears to new opportunities and be open to new ideas as well. I signed up with my first MLM, yes Multi Level Marketing, with a twist I must say. Mother Teresa ( may God bless her soul) once said, God did not create poverty, but poverty exists because you and I do not share! I therefore take it upon myself to share these beautiful product with all my friends! I am glad to be part of a trillionaire industry that is growing and will grow to levels that no one ever imagine.

Pose right there, are you living or existing? This is a title that also caught me by surprise only to realize that I existed each and every day, I am yet to clear being in existence but am sure looking at the ultimate goal of living and making a living living. Most of us for sure exist, does this sound familiar....I have a Monday to Monday already pre-planned schedule such that if anyone interfered with it, it would mean I would have to go an extra mile to be a part of their deal...yes, I have a pretty good job, actually the envy of many, I travel a lot, meet new people, mostly CEOs and top directors in the Agricultural sector...yeah, either am driving somewhere leaving my house at 6 am and checking into a hotel at around 10 pm in the night or I am in the office by 9am and leave by 5 if not 6 pm. Most of the times, I am on my phone which makes my better half, did I say better half,oops! yes I did, and yes this is a story for another day, so annoyed and in more than enough cases he has to take the phone away from me and at times we even fight because of this!I work half day on Saturday which means I get home only after 2 pm at times if nothing haas come up at the office and have to start cleaning the house. Sunday of course if rest and church day and at times stay at church till noon have perhaps a family meeting and life cycle of Monday begins again. I can bet 100% that you and I share the same lifestyle. Maybe mine is a little bit more flexible these days thanks to my new club!

My life has practically changed!Thanks to my MLM! I love doing what do now more than ever. As for my 8-5 usual, I know I am soon going to kiss you goodbye and work towards achieving more for myself and building my empire. I cannot wait for that day! I love the fact that I will be able to do what I love most, cater for the needy and have time to actually follow up and give more time to them! That is what my purpose is, to love and change lives and put a smile on those who are not able to it by themselves!

Living it and loving it!

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