Monday, May 16, 2016

Today, am changing....

Finally a post after like eons! lol...It does not really matter in this life until you make change or be the change that you long to have. Change is good, as good as a rest they say and for me that time has finally come. A time to bring change and see what this change can do to their lives as well as mine. Change at times is inevitable so, I changed the title of my blog if you have noticed! That for once pretty shook me up as one of my readers asked if there are no Kenyan men for me to date? Well it got me thinking that perhaps when I started out that blog I was appealing to a certain group of people, but with time it narrows down to only a percentage, those I could relate with. I realized that that is not the message I wanted to take out there and more so, what I wanted people to know me for. I have values and principles, but one of them was not to be against nature..... I started asking a lot of questions hence decided to take a break from writing. This perhaps was to isolate myself and my own problems to allow for me to sort myself our first and then realize that in life its not always about me, myself and I but about the people around me. So I decided to make some changes. First was to accept the good man in my life that was God sent and yes I did. It helped, I can swear that it was tough at first having to plan things for two at times which for me was new! The only person I had planned with in mind was by then my son, who for some reasons would go with what I had in mind hence no much struggles. I have since adapted to this and I must say, its not that bad! Second I had to finish my class work, it has dragged, like forever but yes I am finally doing it, I am hopefully going to wear that hat this year!!!! That is very exciting for me....and I love the fact that I pushed myself and of course with a little push as well from my super supervisors!

So this year, is a year of change, change of titles and anything that comes with it. Maintaining my body weight, I have tried I must say. Maintaining is not easy, if you asked the many women out here. The struggle is real when you see chocolates, bread, french fries, burgers and all these junks we smell around our estates. You fight, but this year is a year of change, no falling and I ask God to give me strength to follow the path already created.

I cant wait to write about more changes that I am working on including the fact that I will have to learn how to swim this year, I had had a phobia for the longest period!!! That needs to change!!!

Truly, change is inevitable and am sure the next episode will even be more exciting!!!!

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